It almost seems like human nature to dwell on negative things and take positive stuff for granted. Achievements are celebrated for a moment, but overlooked when the slightest setback comes along.  Memories of love are treasured until we face heartache. Friends who were like family become strangers once they disappoint us…the list is extensive. Granted, there are times when the bad in a situation can outweigh the good, but it doesn’t have to erase the good. Today, I read something that said “Reference the past. Embrace today.” Reference the past, but don’t dwell on it. Remember pain and build on it, but we should never allow it to cripple us. If we’re honest with ourselves…the issue is often letting go of past negativity and remaining positive for the present and future.

Don’t chase a rainbow away with the bitter memory of a cloud. If we can say that we are not who or where we were during our darkest hours, those memories will only have as much power as we give them. If the unhealthy relationships have died long ago, we should allow our hearts to live. Treasure peace and the moments that light your world up. Reference the hardship, pain and betrayal of the past but don’t poison today with it. There is entirely too much life to live…

Celebrate it.