For the worms…



“Any man just wants to be needed. I can need you all of my life. And you’ll never know ’til you’re alone; how it feels to have love on your side. So when you go into the night; I will be there- your brightest star. I’ll look you in the eye; follow you home- surround you. With a light you’ve never known; I will be there- lighter than a leaf in your pocket; I’ll be the air…And when you smile I will be there; and when you cry I will be there. lighter than a leaf in your pocket; I’ll be the air”
Leaf Elle Varner

It’s cool to feel needed, but after a while you might feel obligated to do things, to be someone or play a certain role. I don’t want that for you. Instead, I’ll be lighter than a leaf in your pocket…not a burden, not a hassle, no weight for you to carry. Just there. For you. You’ll be supported, encouraged, protected and appreciated.  With all the chaos in your life & all the changes, I’ll do my best to remain as that constant light…your brightest star. I’ll be the voice telling you what you need to hear ONLY when you need to hear it. I’ll call you out when you’re silently begging me to do so. I’ll shower you with love when you’re too prideful to say you really need a reminder. It’s not enough to thank you for doing the same for me all the time. That’s why I’m still here.

& lighter than a leaf in your pocket…I will be there


Happy Valentines Day ❤

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