I can’t remember the last time I have been this uncertain and uncomfortable about my life.  My mother laughs when I say I am going through a near-quarter-life crisis but that is the best description I can give. The transition from one phase of life into another is never easy. Transitioning during a time when there is no future stability in sight is petrifying.  Just trying to get by is not living..but I’m seeking contenment during this rough patch.  As I try to survive in this world that moves at an ever quickening pace, I hold on the promise that this too shall pass. Cliches are so annoying but often they’re relevant.  Finances, school, relationships, internal struggles.  All at once. All ever present. All exhausting, draining and completely normal.  I’m accepting the fact that I am only getting older and life will only get harder.  That might disgust the optimists out in the world but that’s life.  The hardest part is how thought consuming it all is. If life was a brick, I’d have a few concussions under my belt because I have been hit– HARD.  Thankfully, I’ve recovered each time, and usually with some better reflexes.  This just feels different.  This place and time and the people the events..me…it’s all so very different from anything else I’ve experienced.  Maybe that’s because this has lasted so much longer than any other phase or rough patch I’ve encountered.  All in all…I believe things will get better. I have no clue how..and I try my hardest not to ask when, but it will.  I have to hold on to the hope that these times will make someone incredible out of me.

until next time..