I always wanted to be a cool kid. But I’m not one. 
I’m a quirky, fiery, passionate, awkward, dramatic, creative soul that has no idea how to contain itself. I once believed I had to shrink for others; felt like I needed to hide talents and fade for the sake of preserving others’ perception of Liz, Lizzy or whoever they were familiar with. My heart and thoughts are now on my sleeve. I’m okay with that. Years of praises, ridicule, accolades & failures have made this concoction of a woman. I literally learn something new about myself everyday. Still recovering from disaster & celebrating my resilience in the interim. I hated being misunderstood but I’m beginning to thrive off of it. My story is mine. No one else can tell it & naïveté probably couldn’t fathom it. 
But it will be told. 

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